Ceramics since 1966

'HEAR ME' 1966

LONDON, Private Ciollection,1970

NEW YORK CERAMICS, Private Collection, 1971 

Ron Rowe with' 'TARGET'
Gallery Invite, Bonython Art Gallery 1972





SCANGEROOVIAN FUNK, Art Gallery of SA, 1986


CERAMICS 1972 -1983
Stoneware Ceramic Sculptures

Wine flask with 6 goblets

Three Nodes 1975

One Node 1975



BOOK 1977 MODERN AUSTRALIAN SCULPTURE Multi-Media with Clay Rigby's Ltd. by Ron Rowe. Cover Photo, Bert Flugelman Sculpture
Large hardcover book with dust jacket.  128 pages.  Profusely illustrated throughout the book with large color photos.   Artists featured are:-  Suzanne Archer, Neil Barker, Anna Cohn, Jim Cowley, Aleks Danko, Margaret Dodd, Harold Dover, Herbert Flugelman, Micheal Ford, Suzanne Forsyth, Vic Greenaway, Bill Gregory, Joan Grounds, Lorraine Jenyns, Ken Leveson, Tim Moorhead, Ron Rowe, Stephen Skillitzi, Ian Smith, Penny Smith and Mark Thompson. "In Australia there are a number of sculptors who concentrate on the use of clay.  This book shows some of the work they have produced in the 1970s.   This book showcases early 1970s Australian sculpture using multi-media with clay"

Ron Rowe 1944, born in Broken Hill, NSW. 

I trained as an art teacher at the South Australian School of Art from 1962-64 and then spent three years developing a specialisation in ceramics under lecturer Ben Kypradikis before teaching in secondary schools.

I attended 3 years of night classes under Bill Gregory, who taught a non-functional, conceptual approach to ceramics that I found appealing. I started to throw and assemble geometric forms into complex sculptures and had my first one-man show at Bonython Galleries at North Adelaide

After 3 years of teaching I resigned and travelled overseas. I got teaching jobs and worked as a studio potter in London for two years, visiting Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavia.

I had a lecturing position in ceramics and sculpture in New York at Columbia University Teacher College for a year. On my return to Australia in 1971, I started lecturing in sculpture at the Torrens CAE School of Art and later at the South Australian School of Art in Stanley Street , North Adelaide and later at the School of Art at Underdale and then UNISA at City West Campus as a Senior lecturer in Digital Studies.

I lectured in Ceramics with Milton Moon at the SA School of Art in 1972

I produced a book of 21 Australian artists who worked with clay incorporating other media called 'Modern Australian Sculpture: Multi-Media with Clay', published by Rigby in 1977. 

Author Noris Ioannou in his book 'Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1986' wrote ...'his role in the development of sculptural ceramics in South Australia is described by making sculptures in a variety of media, with examples of his work illustrated on his website.'


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